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Note: Since criticisms are dealt with elsewhere on this website, we simply present here without comment a summary of her autobiographical life story.—WebMaster
Life Sketch of Mrs. Ellen G. White

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Bracket Street School where Ellen White attended.
Ellen White was born in late 1827. When she was nine, a devastating, disfiguring, nearly fatal accident occurred that changed the course of her life. [more]   Her health was so impaired that she could not continue her education, and was forced to give up her ambitions of becoming a scholar. [more]

Location of Miller's lectures in Portland.
William Miller gave a series of lectures in Portland, Maine, in March 1840. He was known for his powerful appeals to sinners to come to Christ, and to prepare for His soon appearing. It was these appeals that caused Ellen White to recognize her sinfulness, and to begin to seek the Savior. [more]   At a Methodist camp meeting the following summer, Ellen gave her heart to Jesus, and obtained the sweet assurance that her sins were forgiven. [more]   Joy filled her heart, and she was later baptized by immersion into the Methodist church. [more]

William Miller.
Miller returned to Portland in 1842 to conduct a second series of lectures. He appealed to the hearts of professed Christians and unbelievers to prepare to meet Jesus. [more]   Anxious to be ready, Ellen doubted whether she would be, having never experienced the electrifying phenomenon some Methodists called sanctification. [more]   Preachers of the day described in detail the agonies of the lost in an eternally burning hell, which made the love and mercy of God seem too far away to young Ellen. [more]   About this time she had two dreams, the second of which gave her hope that Jesus loved her and would have mercy upon her. [more]   The encouraging words of her mother and a godly Methodist minister helped her learn to trust her loving heavenly Father, and to do His bidding, whatever it might be. [more]   Filled with joy, Ellen took advantage of every opportunity to share the love of Christ and the joy of salvation. She labored earnestly for her friends, sometimes praying all night. All but one gave their hearts to Jesus. [more]

The Methodist Church Ellen White attended.
In the Methodist "class meetings," Ellen White and her brother Robert would speak simply of their joy in the soon return of Christ. But their testimonies met with sneers. [more]   Eagerly, Ellen earned all the money she could in order to buy tracts to tell others about Jesus's coming. [more]   About this time, she discovered from her mother an interesting Bible truth that explains the resurrection. [more]   For doing nothing wrong whatsoever, Ellen and her family were removed from the membership of their Methodist Church. [more]

Six months later another trial came to Ellen. She attended various prayer meetings of the Adventists, and would share her testimony when opportunity arose. At times the Holy Spirit would overpower her to the point that she would lose all strength. [more]   Some brethren from more formal churches thought this wrong, and would say "bitter and cutting things" to her. But their opposition disappeared after the same experience happened to them. [more]

1843 Millerite Chart.
As the time approached when Christ was expected to return, ministers of different denominations in Portland united their efforts to call sinners to repentance and to prepare for Christ's return. A deep solemnity rested upon the hearers, and many were converted. [more]   When Christ did not return by the spring of 1844, scoffers who thought Christ would not return for a thousand years grew bold. [more]   But a mistake had been made. Since the decree of Artaxerxes' seventh year went forth late in 457 BC, the 2300 years of Daniel 8:14 could not end until the fall of 1844. [more]   When Christ did not return at that time either, many former believers joined with the orthodox churches and worldlings in denouncing the idea that Christ's coming was soon. [more]

Ellen White had a vision at this time, her first of many. [more]   This vision was a great encouragement to the Advent believers, for it affirmed their belief in the imminent return of Christ. [more]   God called Ellen to travel and share this vision, but she feared that she might become self-exalted. [more]   Lacking self-confidence and fearful of ridicule, she hesitated, but she eventually went forward in faith. [more]   Another vision of the earth made new depicted the Bible's glorious description of that better land, [more]   and even served as the inspiration for a popular hymn of those days. [more]

Often Ellen White was called upon to rebuke fanatics who thought it a sin to work, and those who were setting dates for the Lord to come. It was not easy for her to tell the erring what had been revealed to her about them. [more]

Earliest photograph of the Whites.
In 1846, Ellen married James White. It was also in that year that they both began to observe the Bible Sabbath. [more]   Poverty and perils, sufferings, trials, and sickness were their lot in those early days. [more]   From place to place they journeyed to attend conferences, at which the brethren sought with difficulty to arrive at a unified understanding of truth. [more]

In 1849 the paper that became known as The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald was launched. [more]   God saw James and Ellen through both illness and accident, [more]   and gave them grace to endure the false reports printed in The Messenger. This was a paper published by erring ones who did not like to have their faults reproved. [more]

When the work moved to Michigan in 1855, it was at a low point. [more]   But things began to turn around. James White's health and finances improved, and The Messenger "went down." [more]   It was a great trial for Ellen White to be gone from her children so much in those early years, and a great sorrow when the youngest and oldest of the four died in 1860 and 1863. [more]   James suffered a paralyzing stroke in 1865, but miraculously recovered and began to labor for the cause of God again. [more]  

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