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John Loughborough—White Estate.
Secret Thoughts & the 7th Commandment

by John Loughborough

After she came out of vision [in the fall of 1852], she bore a testimony for that company there assembled. She spoke to me especially, delineating the working of my mind before embracing the truth, even of thoughts which I had expressed to no one. As I heard these things from her lips, I said, "Surely there is a power more than human connected with this vision."

There were eight of us First-day Adventists who accepted the truth under the labors of Elder J. N. Andrews in Rochester. Before the Whites returned from the Eastern tour, one of these persons left the city and traveled on business in Michigan. In relating her vision, Mrs. White told us that she saw a man who, while traveling away from home, had much to say about the law of God and the Sabbath, yet at the same time was breaking one of those commandments. She said he was a person she had never met, yet she believed she would see him sometime since his case had been unfolded to her. Not one of our company, however, supposed it to be anyone we knew.

About six weeks later, the aforementioned brother returned from Michigan. As soon as Sister White saw him, she said, "This is the man I saw in vision of which I told you." Sister White related to this man in the presence of his wife and several other persons what she was shown, then said, "As Nathan said to David, Thou art the man."

After listening to Mrs. White's rehearsal of his wrong doing, he dropped upon his knees before his wife and with tears said, "God is with you of a truth." Then he made a full confession of how he had been trapped into violation of the seventh commandment at Paw Paw, Michigan, over 500 miles from Rochester. He said this was the first offense of that kind in his life and it would be his last.

(Miracles in My Life, pages 21, 22.)

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