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John Loughborough—White Estate.
No Breathing for 30 minutes

by John Loughborough

In the meeting that day I first saw Elder and Mrs. White. They had been away from Rochester for about three months, traveling by horse and carriage visiting scattered Sabbath-keepers in New England.

This Sabbath meeting was held at 124 Mt. Hope Avenue. The room for religious purposes, place of residence, and printing office of the Review and Herald were all in the same building, and Oswald Stowell was the pressman. At this time he had been suffering very severe attacks of pleurisy and had been given up by the physicians to die. Stowell was in the adjoining room and at the close of the Sabbath service sent in a request for prayer.

After I was introduced to the Whites, they invited me to go in with them for a season of prayer while the rest of the company remained in silent prayer in the meeting room. We bowed by the bedside, and while prayer was being offered, Elder White anointed Brother Stowell in the name of the Lord and he was instantly healed. When we arose from prayer, he was sitting up striking his sides which before had been so painful. "I am fully healed and shall be able to work tomorrow," he said. The same blessing that healed him fell in still greater measure upon Sister White. As Elder White turned to look he said, "Ellen is in vision. She does not breathe while in this condition. If any of you desire to satisfy yourselves of this fact, you are at liberty to examine her."

She was kneeling beside the bed with her eyes open in a far-away look as if gazing intently at some object, not in a vacant stare but in a pleasant, intelligent expression. Her countenance appeared fresh and florid. Though she looked upward, her head would turn from side to side as she seemed to be viewing different objects. It was evident from many tests applied that she was entirely oblivious to anything transpiring around her. Her hands would move gracefully from time to time. She remained in vision half an hour or more. While in that condition she spoke words and sometimes distinct sentences; yet by the closest scrutiny, no breath could be discerned in her body. When she came out of vision her first three breaths were like that of a newborn child's first breath.

(Miracles in My Life, pages 20, 21.)

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