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Today's Highlights Sat., Jul. 31, 2021
Criticism Spotlight
Borrowing from Conybeare and Howson: An Analysis   Back in 1919, Dudley Canright charged that Ellen White had plagiarized her 1883 book, Sketches from the Life of Paul, from a book by two British authors. He went so far as to claim that the authors had even threatened a lawsuit. Was there any truth in all of this? In this series of pages we examine the comparisons between the two books provided for us by critic Sydney Cleveland.

 "Ellen White Contradicted Herself by Wearing Jewelry"
Ellen White Copied Her Chapter Titles from Edersheim . . . or Was It Vice Versa?
Family Planning: a "Hypocritical Liar"?

Insightful Info
Why More Hurricanes Now?   Ellen White's insight into the recent increase in number and intensity of hurricanes is intriguing. While she considered them to be warnings from God and signs that Christ's coming is near, she also wrote that if it hadn't have been for God's protection, there would have been a lot more devastating hurricanes heretofore.

Cancer Caused by Dormant Oncogenes
The Jews Expected a Divine Messiah
Lawlessness in New Orleans

Her Beliefs
The Infallible Word of God   Ellen White repeatedly referred to the Bible as being infallible. At the same time, she was unsparing in her opposition to "higher criticism." To her, God had inspired the Bible writers with divine thoughts, which they then put into their own words. It was therefore her contention that the thoughts expressed by the words of Scripture were true.

Eschatology: The Millennium
Hell & Eternal Torment

Quote for Today (How we select)
    "'Come unto Me,' is His invitation. Whatever your anxieties and trials, spread out your case before the Lord. Your spirit will be braced for endurance. The way will be opened for you to disentangle yourself from embarrassment and difficulty. The weaker and more helpless you know yourself to be, the stronger will you become in His strength. The heavier your burdens, the more blessed the rest in casting them upon the Burden Bearer. The rest that Christ offers depends upon conditions, but these conditions are plainly specified. They are those with which all can comply. He tells us just how His rest is to be found."
(Desire of Ages 329)
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Fulfilled or Fallacy?
Slavery Revived at the End of Time   It might sound odd, but Ellen G. White predicted that slavery would be revived again. Could it ever happen? Actually, President George Bush thinks it already has. He and his State Department are doing what they can to combat a slave trade today that is larger than it ever was in yesteryear.

Mad Cow Disease
 Scientists: What Causes Hurricanes Like Katrina?
Two World Wars Predicted

About Her Visions
A Stone Mason Couldn't Bend Her Arm   John Loughborough tells the story about the time when his neighbor, Mr. Diagneau, was over at his house while Ellen White was having a vision. Mr. Diagneau, a stone mason, tried to bend Mrs. White's arm. Read what he had to say about his experience.

 Angelic Influence Illustrated: Colt Tamed
Secret Thoughts & the 7th Commandment
A Spirit Medium Flees Away

Life Sketch Snippet
Her First Vision  

Ellen White had a vision at this time, her first of many.   [more]

Her First Vision
Call to Travel
 James' Stroke

Featured Book
Sketches From The Life of Paul   Chapter 29: The Final Arrest. "Though Paul's labors were chiefly among the churches, he could not escape the observation of his enemies. Since Nero's persecution, Christians were everywhere the objects of hatred and suspicion. Any evil-disposed person could easily secure the arrest and imprisonment of one of the [p. 305] proscribed sect. And now the Jews conceived the idea ..."

Christ's Object Lessons
Steps to Christ
The Story of Patriarchs and Prophets

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